Monday, June 20, 2011

Good things come in two's.....

You know how they say that bad things happen in 3's?  It's kinda true...I can think of countless examples:  Illnesses, car repairs, home repairs etc. Etc. ETC.

Well, I'm thinking it's equally true that good things come in sets of two.  In our lives, for example:

We have 2 kids who are married to 2 wonderful people providing our family with 2 fantastic couples who bless our lives. 
We have 2 missionary sons currently serving in 2 different missions having 2 separate experiences that will forever bless their lives.
Our 2 youngest children are still home keeping us young and busy and reminding us daily that we really aren't too old to play and be spontaneous. 
We have 2 sets of parents whom we love and respect and admire for all they do and face and teach.  How grateful we are for these examples who have helped shape how we raise our own family.
We have 2 cars, that for today anyway, still get us from point A to point B.  I'll leave that at that....

---AND....Here's the real exciting part!!!
2 more beautiful additions to our family in the form of 2 grandbabies will be arriving in January.  These 2 'grandparents to be' could not be more thrilled!!!  2 little bundles of joy to love and cuddle and spoil a little...2 little people who are already loved "x infinity".

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